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wow, i love this one...(it's getting the lurking reader never commenter to comment). for me it's the bunnies and the excellent use of carpet and blanket (?) to evoke the beach. well that and the utterly cute floating beach bum with the sunglasses. also, i love the idea of a (month long) theme extending from food to baby posts. please do it.


Shuma a future model for sure !!!
He's always so cute. This photo is so funny, even the bunnies are cute !!
Thanks to you he'll spend wonderful moments looking through his photograph albums :)


It must be cold still in Tokyo. It must be brave of him to get dressed like this.

Jennifer Craig

You've outdone yourself, cousin. Cutest post EVER.


God I'm bathing in cuteness....those little toys in the background sunbathing are choooooo kawaii!!


That is seriously cute!!! Love Miffy and her friend! Shuma has the most gorgeous red cheeks!!!


Hmmm...who's the brown little teddy next to the white teddy??? hahah...

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